2020 in 20 Photographs

The year we would all rather forget, the year from hell, the year of shock and loss and pain is nearing its end. With vaccines and a new president, change is in the air for 2021.


January 2020 started so peacefully with a summer-like day in Central Park. 

The fourth annual Women’s March in January took place while impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump were underway.

As the coronavirus epidemic raged in Wuhan, China, the Chinese-American community expressed support. The pandemic still seemed far away in February during the Lunar New Year celebrations in Chinatown.

Columbia University students enjoying springlike weather on campus, February 23. The university shut down soon after this photo was taken.

April 14: a dollar store advertises cleaning products, masks, and hand sanitizer. All of these supplies were nearly impossible to find for weeks.

April 6: Finding solace in magnolia blossoms in Riverside Park during the lockdown. The city parks stayed open for respite and recreation. 

May 9: Bicycles and scooters take over the streets as New Yorkers shun public transportation.

A beloved neighborhood diner on Broadway, closed during the pandemic.

June 14: A protester in Harlem. Daily protests against police violence toward Black Americans continued for months all over the city. 

Street vendors selling masks on Broadway in June

June 18: A doorman on West End Avenue bangs a spoon on a pan during the daily salute to front line workers of the coronavirus pandemic.

July 4: Protesters marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower

July 12: Hedy, a Trump supporter, on Fifth Avenue near Trump Tower before a demonstration.

People listening to a jazz trio in Central Park, September 27. With all concert venues closed, suddenly unemployed musicians took to the parks to earn money from donations. 

A guest at an outdoor wedding on Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, October 11

When early voting in the presidential election began, New Yorkers waited up to 4 hours on the streets to vote. Amsterdam Avenue, October 30.

Jubilant crowds poured into the streets on the news of Joe Biden’s election victory, November 7, 2020.

A woman celebrating the election results on November 7, Broadway and 104th Street.

November 3, Election Day: A shuttered convenience store that closed after months of the pandemic, Broadway and 99th Street

December 22: Visiting the iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was strictly limited this year. People were allowed to stand in front of the tree just long enough to take photos.
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