Bronx Zoo Reopening

In spite of the heat wave, New Yorkers were thrilled to return to the Bronx Zoo after it had been closed since March due to the pandemic. They say the animals noticed the absence of people, and the zoo staff was definitely happy to see the public again and thanked visitors repeatedly. We heard sea lions barking, peacocks screaming, and strangest of all, the loud groans of a giant tortoise that sounded like the dragon Fafner in the Wagner opera Siegfried.

A tiger resting in the heat


Young giraffes


The peacocks were shameless beggars


An Aldabra giant tortoise from the Seychelles, about four feet long (shell only)


Two Aldabra tortoises producing the next generation


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1 Response to Bronx Zoo Reopening

  1. Great images–I can’t wait to go back there!

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