Trump Tower, July 12, 2020


The City of New York painted a mural running the length of the block on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets, in front of Trump Tower and facing it, reading Black Lives Matter. The mural has become the an attraction for people taking photographs and selfies.  On Sunday, July 12 the block was closed to traffic and pedestrians.


Although it’s hard to see the words from street level, a steady stream of people came to take photographs on s sunny Sunday afternoon.


A woman climbed on a concrete bollard for a better angle.


A woman from Brooklyn who sells homemade masks made of kente cloth used the mural as a branding opportunity .


A group of about 30 Trump supporters held a rally.


Hedy from Brooklyn arrived early to the rally and texted her troops.


Trump Tower security man in a surgical mask (left), Secret Service agent in a mask with the presidential seal worn under the nose (right). Multiple Secret Service agents have tested positive for Covid. 


A man from Westchester County north of New York City drove to the city to see the mural with his wife.



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