A Unique Street Photographer


It’s a Speed Graphic made in the 1940’s, the kind tabloid photographers like Weegee used. Street photographer Louis Mendes fitted a Polaroid back to it, which he uses to make his specialty double exposures. Flashbulbs in 2013? No problem. He bought 20,000 flashbulbs from a warehouse that was closing and he will rely on his Vivitar 283 flash once he runs out of flashbulbs. For over 30 years Louis has made a living shooting portraits of New Yorkers and tourists on the streets and at events. When he says he works at B&H Photo, he doesn’t mean inside; people who buy cameras are apparently good customers, since they are used to being behind a lens instead of in front of one.

Google Glass one day, Speed Graphic the next: isn’t New York wonderful?



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