Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

In these years of pandemic and social distancing, wandering in a vast cemetery has become more than ever before a peaceful and contemplative activity. Some come to visit relatives’ graves, some to learn about the historic battle of the American Revolution that took place here, some to visit the graves of famous New Yorkers like Leonard Bernstein or Jean-Michel Basquiat. Others bring binoculars and look for birds, or admire the beautiful trees, or simply walk among the permanent residents of this unique place.

An angel watches over the graves of the Dennis family

She weeps for as long as the stone lasts

A Civil War veteran’s grave

Standing tall on a pedestal, she gazes over New York Harbor

A rare Henslow’s Sparrow visited the cemetery and attracted birders from all over the city.

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  1. Hans O'Connell says:

    Moving ! One can hear the quiet

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