A Portfolio of Birds

During the pandemic, in 2020, many people were drawn to birds and birdwatching. Suddenly and with almost no warning we were torn from our families, our friends, our jobs, and all of our social and recreational activities. Aside from staying indoors, the only safe activity seemed to be visiting parks or other outdoor spaces, distant from other people. There, we could enjoy the sight and sounds of beautiful birds that seemed to possess all of the freedoms that we had lost.

Red-Tailed Hawk in Riverside Park, first bird photograph during lockdown
A Barred Owl in Central Park, swiveling her head almost 180 degrees to preen the feathers on her back.
A male Bufflehead emerging from a dive in the Central Park Reservoir
A Snowy Owl on Jones Beach, Long Island
A Great Blue Heron, Rockefeller State Park Preserve, New York
A Northern Cardinal eating seeds from a woman’s hand in Central Park
Male Northern Shoveler, Central Park
Male Wood Duck in breeding plumage, Central Park
Male Wood Duck, Central Park
Male Wood Duck, Central Park

Tufted Titmouse eating from a woman’s hand on a snowy day, Central Park
A Dark-Eyed Junco on a snowy day in Central Park, feathers fluffed out to keep warm
Red-Tailed Hawk with prey, Central Park
Female Northern Cardinal in the snow, Central Park
Great Blue Heron looking for fish in Central Park
Eastern Meadowlark, Croton Point Park, New York
Female Red-Breasted Merganser, Central Park
Mute Swan, Central Park
Female Hooded Merganser, Central Park
Male Hooded Merganser, Central Park
Black and White Warbler, Central Park
Cape May Warbler, Central Park
Barn Swallow singing, Central Park
White-Breasted Nuthatch, Central Park
Cedar Waxwings bathing, Central Park
Black-Crowned Night Heron, Central Park
Great Egret, Central Park
Cedar Waxwing, Central Park
American Oystercatcher, Fort Tilden Beach, NY
Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Fort Tryon Park, New York

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  1. Hans O'Connell says:

    Magnificent shots!

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