July 4, 2020: Patriotism, Pandemic, Protests

On the holiday celebrating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, New York City remained largely in lockdown against the coronavirus pandemic. Public celebrations were cancelled and the famous Macy’s fireworks display was held in undisclosed locations. Protests against racism continued.


Rockefeller Center, July 4. All the statues at Rockefeller Center are wearing masks as a reminder.


The statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center


Atlas at Rockefeller Center. Real men wear masks.


Protesters leaving Columbus Circle on their way to Trump Tower, July 4.


July 4: A protest on Fifth Avenue calling for Trump and Pence to resign.

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1 Response to July 4, 2020: Patriotism, Pandemic, Protests

  1. I do love the statues with masks

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