AIPAD Photography Show

In the room the women come and go/talking of Michelangelo

In the room the women come and go/talking of Michelangelo

A few observations on the immense photography dealers’ show at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue:  1. It was much too big to take in in one day, and my eyes and feet hurt equally after a few hours. 2. There were wonderful historical photographs and many “safe” big names from the past who did their best work in the 1960’s if not the 1930’s. 3. Vivian Maier continues to make money for dealers, from the grave. 4. There was some impressive contemporary work, not all of which was hyper-politicized or opaque. 5. You could tell the photographers from the dealers from the collectors by the exponentially increasing expense of their clothing. 6. At a certain point, plastic surgery backfires.


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