Buddhist Temple, Mott Street


Buddha on Mott Street

Buddha on Mott Street

Recently I stopped in the Buddhist Temple that occupies a storefront on Mott Street in Chinatown, hard by the cheap restaurants and souvenir stands. I have been photographing images of the Buddha in different contexts but was surprised that I was allowed to photograph inside the temple. Plates of fruit and flower bouquets are placed in front of several shrines, the most beautiful of which is behind glass and is shown in detail in the first photo. Solicitations for donations are all around, as in the second photo.  People come to light incense and to pray for health, prosperity, or advancement in their jobs.

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2 Responses to Buddhist Temple, Mott Street

  1. Yes, they are always nice about photos..I think its a good way for them to get donations

  2. Mr Hans OConnell says:

    D: Beautiful! H

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