Pumpkin Picking


This is a Hipstamatic image made on an iPhone. I’m late to the party and had never even heard of Hipstamatic until recently, when I found out that Time magazine used a team of photojournalists with iPhones to provide live coverage of Hurricane Sandy. One of the photographers blogged iPhone photos from Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, frequently using Hipstamatic to process them. Without boring blog readers with the technical details, the app can be used to create supersaturated colors and vignetting like the effects I chose for this photo. It’s so much fun. I’m also aware that the parents of the preschoolers who visited this pumpkin sale were completely relaxed as I used my iPhone, while they would have been very upset if someone had been photographing their children with a big professional-looking camera.

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  1. Mr Hans OConnell says:

    D: Happy Halloween! H

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