New York City Opera Warehouse


O statua gentilissima del gran Comendatore

O statua gentilissima del gran Commendatore…

The homeless New York City Opera is auctioning off its old productions, stored in a warehouse in North Bergen, New Jersey. The cavernous, unheated warehouse is like a madman’s attic. Here is a Ford convertible used in a production of L’Elisir d’Amore, there a massive head of Adonis from The Tales of Hoffman, around the corner a backdrop designed by Maurice Sendak and a bin crammed with scores. Racks and racks of costumes, some worn by famous sopranos and some by supers. The dominant feeling you get while wandering around is sadness. How has it come to this?

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2 Responses to New York City Opera Warehouse

  1. Mr Hans OConnell says:

    D: I need info re auction. I lust after some of these pieces. H

  2. OMG So sad–so much I’d want to own!

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