Brooklyn Bridge Park

Kite fest in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Boat launch in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Kayaking with a view of the Freedom Tower

Revolving sculpture, “Yoga,” by Mark di Suvero

The Brooklyn Bridge Park, like the High Line, is another successful reclamation of post-industrial wasteland for recreational use. The section of the park that I visited today between the Fulton Ferry Landing and Atlantic Avenue consisted of derelict piers just a few years ago; now people are happily flying kites, kayaking, and riding bicycles with panoramic views of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. I was actually on my way to the second annual Photoville exhibit on Pier 3, where contemporary photography is shown in shipping containers. But before I could get to the exhibit, I was completely distracted by the park on a glorious summer day. One ominous sign: a turnaround area for tour buses. But there were only a few buses and their passengers were lined up in front of Grimaldi’s Pizza, leaving the park for Brooklynites to enjoy.

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3 Responses to Brooklyn Bridge Park

  1. john says:

    Ever take in a concert in the barge? Great experience

  2. Just a little concerned about the amount of “things” being constructed.

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