This is a Berber woman selling vegetables that she has brought down from the mountains to the market in Tangier. I held my camera down next to my side at hip level and pressed the shutter button to get the shot. The exposure was a guess. Sometimes I miss my Leica rangefinder camera and black and white film very much.

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2 Responses to Tangier

  1. “Live view” can let you do those hip shots–I’ve used it a few times. Do love that B&W

  2. In this situation you needed the quiet shutter and lack of shutter lag that you get with a rangefinder. In a Muslim country, women don’t want to be photographed. Using live view with a digital SLR would be like announcing to the entire marketplace that I was shooting, plus the shutter lag takes forever. You can do some things well with digital cameras, but other things you can’t do at all.

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