Karaouyine, Fez

Karaouyine Mosque

Fez el Bali (Old Fez) in Morocco is protected by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. The Karaouyine Mosque is said to be the largest mosque in North Africa but is well hidden in the old city and impossible to find without a guide. A non-Muslim has no chance of entering but is allowed to look through the doors, and so I was able to get this grab shot (above) before anyone objected to my photographing women. Here I had no time to fuss with camera settings and try to get a color picture with unforgiving slide film; I shot black and white. The beautiful, intricate tiles on the left (azulejos in Spanish) were blue and green. The picture below shows one of the courtyards of the mosque as seen from the street.

Karaouyine Mosque

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